Christchurch Sailing Club is an active member of Christchurch Harbour Watch, a voluntary organisation representing individuals, companies and organisations interested in safety and security within the harbour area.


The organisation promotes its objectives by distributing leaflets and posters. Additionally, the Club  provides a launch for security patrols operated on an ‘ad hoc’ basis throughout the summer storage period. These patrols are operated by CSC members with assistance from other members of Christchurch Harbour Watch.


Dorset Police (Tel:101) maintain a Marine Registration Scheme whereby all details of a boat and its contents are kept confidentially. In the unfortunate event of a theft of or from your boat a quick and accurate record is available to assist in identifying and recovering your property. CSC members are encouraged to support this scheme and forms can be obtained from the Club office.


For more information on the security patrols and security instructions please log into the Forum.

The 2016 instructions and patrol Roster are in the first subject in the Security Board.