Committees and Rules


Commodore: Jim Atkins Hon. Secretary: Ted Vary
Vice Commodore:  Bridget Allen  Hon. Treasurer: Brian Horrocks
Rear Commodore:  Keith Barkway  Sailing Sec: Stuart Percival

Main Commitee (The Officers and Trustees (non-voting) plus elected members

  • Nick Woolley
  • Luke Ridout
  • Derrick Thorrington
  • Richard Beasley
  • Brenda Barkway
  • Bob Atkins
  • Di Kerr
  • Christopher Thorogood



House Management Sub-Committee*

  • Keith Barkway
  • Bridget Allen
  • Jim Atkins
  • Nick Woolley
  • Brenda Barkway
  • Steve Bulbick (safety representative)

Moorings & Storage Sub-Committee*

  • Jim Atkins
  • Bridget Allen
  • Luke Ridout
  • Nick Woolley
  • Richard Beasley
  • Bob Atkins
  • Derrick Thorrington

Bar & Catering Sub-Committee*

  • Jim Atkins
  • Bridget Allen
  • Ted Vary

Socal Committee

  • Michaela Norris (Chair)
  • Jon Norris
  • Matt Holloway
  • Vicky Lock
  • Olive French
  • Lyn Gill
  • Kim Kendrick
  • Betty Sullivan

* The Flag officers are automatically entitled to sit on Club Sub-Committees

Sailing Committee

Flag Officers

  • Sailing Secretary: Stuart Percival
  • Assistant Sailing Sec. TBA
  • Phil Whiston (Cruiser Class)
  • Peter Shore (Scow Class)
  • Simon Percival (Class 4)
  • Ian Halliday (Hawk Class)
  • Sue Haynes (Topper Class)
  • Keith Barkway (Class 5)
  • Drew Barnes (Junior Class)
  • Nick Woolley (Elected)
  • Jon Arnell (Elected)
  • Luke Ridout (Elected)

To Contact your class captain, or any member of the committee please go to: Contact Us  (The club office will put you in contact to the appropriate person)

The Club office is open Monday to Friday mornings between 10.00 and 13.00.

Assistants t6 the Hon. Secretary: Julie Sephton & Karen Kelly

Normal Meeting Times:

Officers: Meeting will be arranged according to need

Main Committee: 3rd Monday each month (except August)

Moorings & Storage: 2nd Monday of each month (except April & August)

House Management: 2nd Monday of each month (except April & August)

Bar &Catering: 1st Tuesday of each month (except April & August)

Sailing: 2nd Tuesday of each month

Prospective membership meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month, as required

Social: TBA


Each of the adopted sailing classes within Christchurch Sailing Club has a Class Captain. These Captains help organise the racing programme for their respective classes and will assist the Honorary Sailing Secretary with sailing issues which occur. The Sailing Committee is responsible for all Club sailing matters and usually meets on the second Tuesday of each month. The current Class Captains are listed below.



Class Captains

Cruiser Phil Whiston
Hawk Ian Halliday
Class 4 Simon Percival
Junior Drew Barnes
Junior Vice Captain Abi Hayles
Junior Coach Rory Barnes
Junior Co-Ordinator Hugh Rayner
Ladies Sue Haynes
Class 5 Keith Barkway
Scow Peter Shore




Honorary Sailing Secretary Stuart Percival
Assistant Sailing Secretary  
RYA Trainining Principal Sally Davison
Safeguarding Co Ordinator Val Roantree
Support/ Safety Officer Stephen Bulbick
 Club Librarian Romilly Meager
Cruiser Rally Co Ordinator  
Club Dinghy Bosun  Bill Foot
Summer Bosun Dennis Daly
Summer Bosun Keith Mitchell
Summer Bosun Bill Ritchie
Winter Bosun Colin Bungey


The Club rules apply to all members and visitors.


To find the full Christchurch Sailing Club Rules and Bylaws please visit the Downloads section of the website where they can be found.

See below for a diagram of the management and committee structure.