Aldridge Log, Junior Log & Photo Competition

Club Photo competition

Aldridge Log

Awarded for the best cruising log submitted to the Hon Secretary

Aldridge Log and Photo Competition entries by 31st January 2017 at the latest please.

2018 Photo Competition

The Committee Junior Trophy

The Club Committee has agreed to award a Trophy every year to one of the Junior Members who has taken part in the Junior Training Programme.  The trophy will be awarded to the Junior Member who gives the best account of some part of their sailing activities during the year. The winner, who will have a small replica to keep, will retain the trophy for a year.

So, Junior Members, cast your minds back over the year and think about some of the best bits of the sailing programme for you; or maybe when something disastrous happened and what you did to get out of the mess. These things are of interest to others to help make the club activities even better.

The Committee would like to hear about what you enjoyed, and if so why; what was the best bit; what did you dislike; what do you think you may have gained by taking part; was it too simple / hard for you; what suggestions would you offer; don’t hesitate to say what you think and feel.

Your account can be submitted electronically and illustrated with photographs – or you might even have ideas of your own that will interest others.

There are many Club Members who would be pleased to help you, so give it a go.

Closing date for entries – three weeks prior to the AGM.